DKS Version 1.07 available!
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Introducing DKS

DKS is born after three years of studying the classic analogue drum machines, which were able to produce convincing drums sounds with simple electronic means.

By joining the "classical" oscillator-based electronics drum synthesis approach with simple FM synthesis, physical modeling of the drum shell, a powerful set of effects, and a beautiful user interface DKS is an unique, easy to use, and incredibly versatile drums synthesizer.

This synthesizer can accurately emulate many of the classic electronic drums machine sounds, but through its extra FM and physical drum shell modeling features can go much further, even giving an interesting acoustic touch to synthesized sounds.

Click here to explore the DKS user interface.

The sound
Hear how the DKS sounds!
Here are some MP3 demos produced with the DKS (no external effects have been applied on the drums)
Basic beatbox soundsSome patterns with commonly used electronics drums sounds
Demo tune by SinkCourtesy of Sink.
Randomizer demoA simple bass loop and drums pattern. The four drum kits have been generated by the intelligent randomizers with just one mouse click!

We are sure that you will enjoy the sound of the DKS: powerful, warm and clear.

The Randomizer

Running out of creativity?
The built-in intelligent randomizers can give new life to your drums tracks. You can generate totally new sounds with a mouse click and hear them while your song is playing!

A nice tutorial on how to use the randomization DKS functions is available here

The Features

Main Features of the synthesizer:

  • 8 polyphonic generators with a powerful sound
  • Each generator has: 3 oscillators, FM, Distortion, Bit Reduction, Physical Modeled Shell, Multi-Filter, 2 Modulation controls and intelligent randomizer with customizable target
  • Full 8 Channel Mixer
  • Each Mixer Channel has 2 sends (pre and post), pan, mute, solo and VU meter
  • 3 Stereo out busses (1 stereo in the AU version)
  • Each bus with its own Stereo Multi-tap Delay, Compressor and Ambient FX
  • Whole Kit intelligent randomizer
  • MIDI Learn for each parameter
  • Friendly Presets Management
  • 3 skins included

Try it now!

The demo version of DKS is available for download! Try it now!

File Size Description



DKS Pro demo 1.0 setup for VST/Windows. The demo produces some background noise and noise bursts from time to time. Comes with only one skin and only one stereo output.

DKS Pro Demo 1.0.dmg


DKS 1.0 Pro Demo (D-Hammer) for MAC OSX VST and AU (UB). The demo produces some background noise and noise bursts from time to time. Comes with two skins and only one stereo output. The plug-in may be referred as a D-Hammer under certain hosts.

DKS Manual.pdf


DKS Users Manual

Want instant results? Just load the DKS within your favourite host, use this basic drums pattern and play it looped (4 measures). Try hitting the "RND KIT" button to get new drums kits and new exciting sounds!


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