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We like to define GrandElectrix the best, if not the perfect, emulation of the famous CP70 electroacoustic piano. AraldFX is proud to offer you the warm, classical and unique sound of this piano with an incredible sample player engine at an extremely low price!

The plug-in

Grand Electrix is a sample based virtual instrument featuring a new stream from disk custom technology ("direct from disk") - the powerful Arald piano engine - for very low memory and CPU usage. The samples are derived from the acclaimed Hollow Sun library "Definitive CP70", which features every note, recorded with full decay over two levels of dynamics, of the classic Yamaha™ CP70B piano.

The Arald piano engine features direct from disk streaming of samples with adjustable buffer size for maximum performance on any system. Samples are streamed in real time from the hard disk, reducing the need for huge amounts of RAM in sample playback. Disk streaming may also be disabled for PC’s with huge amounts of RAM.

Aside from the original CP70 features, GrandElectrix offers chromatic fine tuning, octave stretching, a stereo mode, full control of the MIDI response to match the dynamics of your keyboard, and a built-in chorus designed specifically for this piano sound.

What people say...

"I've been playing Grand Electrix and it's a great instrument. I captures the feel of the original CP70 remarkebly well (a lot 'fatter' than other patches in hardware keyboards) and uses little CPU."
E.S. - Editor

"This thing sounds GREAT. Happy to report that with DFD off it plays perfectly on my Receptor as well.Just did a side-by-side with the Colossus CP80, and I think I like this one just as well...and perhaps even a bit better!"
F.K. - Musician

"Nice sound - just bought it after hearing the Beethoven. Not a 'true' piano sound, but lovely in its own right. Time to relive my 70s fixation with ABBA"
R.H. - Composer

"GE really turned out nice! The interface is great and the chorus really adds a lot to the sound. I like that wide L-R setting too. Great stuff!"
B.C. - Musician

Some history

Released in the mid-'70s, Yamaha's CP range of electric grand pianos were received by musicians with great acclaim, as they offered for the first time a true piano sound in a (relatively) portable package for stage use. Being expensive, they were at first only adopted by the wealthier musician who was serious about live piano playing.

The CPs are real grand pianos scaled down in size (and weight) for portability. Whilst they don't have a totally realistic acoustic piano sound, they do have a distinctive sound all of their own that was utilised and exploited by Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Abba, George Duke, U2 and countless others who enjoyed this unique sound live or in the studio.

The sound

Grand Electrix demo songs (mp3 format):
Pathetique: The famous adagio from the Beethoven's sonata (also with chorus)
EasyPlay: The CP70 playing a short boogie woogie
Lora: An 80's like song demonstrating the Grand Electrix chorus and how its sound fits in a mix

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